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What to Do with Kief: Everything You Need to Know

20% of adults smoke weed in America.

Oh, and the majority of those 55 million people are parents.

That’s right – pothead parents. Who’d have thought it?

Clearly, smoking weed is more popular than you might think.

There’s never been a greater need for new and creative ways to use marijuana.

Well, kief is one potent way of doing just that. But what is it, and what can you do with it?

Keep reading to find out what to do with kief.

What Actually is Kief?

First, what is kief?

Kief is the word given to the tiny crystals that sit proudly on top of your cannabis. Your weed has miniature glands on it, called trichomes.

These serve a practical protective function for the plant through the secretion of sticky resin.

That resin contains a hefty amount of the cannabinoids, including the THC and CBD that we know and love! When the resin dries it crystalizes. It effectively becomes a concentrated form of cannabis. You can then harvest it as kief.

Collect it using a three chamber grinder. The finest particles happen to be the kief, and these will collect overtime in the final chamber.

Two-chamber grinders often end up wasting these precious crystal concentrates.

What to Do with Kief

We know what it is. Now let’s turn to how to use it. Check out the following things to do with kief once you’ve collected enough of it.

Create Moon Rocks

If you like cannabis concentrates, then you’ll love moon rocks. And they’re cheaper, too!

Think of them as little balls of weed goodness. They’re easy to make, too. Take your buds and coat them with warmed marijuana oil. Next, sprinkle your newly acquired kief over the top (make sure the oiled buds are still hot!).

Voila, freshly made moonrocks.

Smoke It Straight

The easiest way to make use of your kief is simply to smoke it by itself.

The potency of kief means this is a one-way ticket to stoner-street. In fact, you should probably go a little easy when using it. Whether you’re packing a bowl or rolling a joint, experiment with smaller quantities first.

Likewise, you should know that kief burns pretty quickly. It doesn’t go out either. Once it’s fired up there’s no stopping it! Make the most of the hit once it’s lit.

Add It to Joints or Spliffs

Kief adds an extra punch to any joint or spliff you roll.

Think of it like a nice green garnish, or the salsa to your taco. You could line the rolling paper with it before adding your weed. Or you could sprinkle it over the top (prior to rolling).

Sprinkle It Over Bowls

The same is true for your bowls.

Kief is a perfect addition to any well-packed bowl. It doesn’t matter where you’ve packed it. Kief is the marshmallow to your hot chocolate; the cherry on top of your cream cake. It’s the addition that makes all the difference. In this case, your bowl becomes that bit more potent.

Oh, remember how kief burns quickly? Cornering your bowl will mean it lasts a little longer.

Use It in Hot Drinks

Like to wake and bake?

How about having a morning brew of some kind? Well, kief offers a perfect way of combining the two. Take your hot drink of choice and simply add a bit of kief to it. No fire required here – the heat from the fluid does the same job of activating the cannabinoids.

Enjoy your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Then wait a while to get the buzz that comes with it.

Spread It On Your Toast

Okay, so you could literally sprinkle kief on your toast (more on cooking with kief next).

However, it goes better in your butter. That’s right, another popular use of kief is to make cannabutter. Simply melt some butter, add your (decarboxylated) kief and give it a stir. Wait until the kief dissolves. Remove from the heat. Then let it cool.

Congratulations! You just made kief butter.

Obviously, once you’ve made your butter you can use it however you like. Why not make some gummy sweets, or bake some cookies or brownies?

Cook With Kief

As a quick aside, we think “Cooking with Kief” would make an excellent new TV series.

But back to the point.

We’ve just seen one example of cooking with kief (cannabutter). But the world is your oyster. Some people simply cook a normal meal and then sprinkle their kief on top of it. The flavor is subtle enough that the food will taste the same.

You have to eat, and you want to smoke. Cooking with kief is a cool way to kill two birds with one stone. Say hello to efficiency at its finest.

Vape With Kief

This is a surprisingly uncommon use for kief.

That’s probably because it takes a bit of effort. However, fortune favors the brave. If you succeed in turning your kief into e-juice, you can vape it away until your heart’s content.

Make Hash

Love hashish?

Then there’s good news: you can make it out of kief.

Remember that iron you bought a few years ago and that’s gathering dust in the back cupboard? Go get it. It’ll finally come in handy.

Take your kief and put it onto a big piece of parchment paper. Spread it out to make a layer. Then fold half of the parchment paper over the top. Try to keep the kief closer to the fold than the edge. Then place an old t-shirt, or rag, and put it on top.

Finally, using the shirt as a buffer between the parchment and iron, apply the iron in short bursts. You don’t want anything to burn (especially the kief). Keep the iron on low heat, turn the parchment frequently.

Stop when the kief has become compacted (and turned into a hash) inside the parchment.

Time to Get Kiefing

There you have it: exactly what to do with kief.

This potent marijuana by-product offers the perfect solution for finding creative new ways to get baked. It’s easy to acquire, strong as hell, and incredibly versatile.

Hopefully, the information above has given you some ideas for how to use it!

Did you like this piece? Got a question or comment? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today.


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