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What is Rosin? and Why Rosin Concentrate is a Must For Dabbers!

Extracting rosin from weed has grown increasingly popular in the past few years. There is no wonder why dabbers all over the world are becoming so obsessed with the tasty, oily goodness that is known as rosin. Mostly due to the recent innovations in pressing technology recently.

If you’ve been up to date with cannabis trends, you’ve heard of rosin. Odds are, you know exactly why it is gaining the reputation and buzz among cannabis consumers.

Dabbing rosin can bring numerous benefits to any cannabis lover. Consumption in this form is becoming increasingly common. Normal methods of extracting oil are often overlooked now because of the practicality, cost, and pure quality that comes from pressing weed.

What can be expected for the concentrate industry in 2018? Is premium level oil such as Rosin going to continue to dominate?

So, what actually is rosin?

Well, pressing rosin is essentially a form of oil extraction that is done through a mixture of extreme pressure and heat. No added solvent (like butane) is used in the process like typical concentrates such as BHO oil is produced.

Typically, people use rosin presses to extract oil from the marijuana. They press them evenly in pouches to ensure the entirety of the plant material gets pressed and a nice even layer of the concentrate is produced.

Why is everyone obsessed with rosin dabs now?

Dispensaries are beginning to carry a more diverse and wide variety of rosin. Additionally, extraction companies are producing more and more, this is leading to research and developments in new technology.

Growth and interest is the world of dabbing has really paved way for more tech to be developed. Better forms of consumption like rosin continue to change the game.

1. The taste and terpenes

With freshly pressed wax, you are getting the purest essential oils of the cannabis plant. This accounts for the extreme flavorful terpene and taste profiles that you can get from any bud.

Additives are not present, so you are directly consuming the psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes that deliver the unmatched unique flavor of the strain.

2. The purity

A closed loop extraction method for cannabis concentrate involves a solvent as an additive. Commonly, butane (used to make BHO) or CO2 are these solvents. These chemicals used in the traditional extraction process are not healthy and can be damaging to your lungs and body if ingested. Rosin is a perfect solution for anyone self-conscious about the damaging contaminants found in their products.

Since it’s solvent-less, it’s safe.

3. You experience the diversity of strains

Many people inexperienced with weed aren’t able to distinguish the tastes of different strains very well. This is because they haven’t really developed a refined pallet for the plant like someone who has smoked daily, or tasted different a variety of strains.

You can distinguish a strain from rosin and it’s unique smells and flavors unlike any other form of consumption. Most other concentrates don’t have the same bold flavor punch.

High quality bud with tons of crystals work best. They produce the highest yields, that’s why professionals choose these strains during production.

4. The potency

Straight and simple, rosin is STRONG.

You’re squeezing and heating out the most potent part of the cannabis plant if you think about it. Cannabinoids are in this oil that is taken from the bud. Cannabinoids are directly responsible for your high and the effects you feel whenever you consume cannabis.

Some high-end dispensary grade rosin can test to 80% THC or higher.

Trim or shake is typically not used. Highest quality strains are chosen.

5. It’s safe!

Traditional methods of extraction are often unsafe. Solvents used in these processes are extremely flammable. This can result in some devastating situations for non-professionals attempting to make their own dabs.

This safety hazard is essentially eliminated with pressing your own weed. Consumers can purchase a press machine themselves. They can begin extracting at home in a much more stable, safe and reliable environment. They are much more likely to hurt themselves if they were to create an at-home BHO closed loop system. The practice is not practical for many due to the dangers involved.

Safety plays into the issue regarding inhalants as well. Your lungs will THANK YOU. An initial hit of oil might cause you to cough a lot. The reason for this is that the dab will be very potent. That being said, you are inhaling less plant material, which cuts down on the tar. You don’t inhale as many carcinogens with rosin vs. weed.

The conclusion about pressing rosin

Rosin is here to stay. Plain and simple. This is due to multiple reasons. Legalization this year lets many more states get access to medical and recreational cannabis. Concentrates will be readily available to more patients. We will only see the technology and methods improve in the near future. As with most of the cannabis industry, we will see new ideas and products soon.

Pressing your own oil is becoming easier than ever. Companies produce at-home presses that you can even order online. It’s a very simple and easy process. And really, it is becoming more popular day by day. They offer a variety of machines. Some are less-expensive and meant for beginners. Other presses are more pricey but offer a higher quality.

View some of the best rosin presses on the market, check out this guide.

As always, stay tuned to Dabbing Pro for more news and reviews!


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