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Terp Pearls: Everything You Need to Know

If you're new to dabbing, you've probably heard of terp pearls. You might've even seen your friends use them. But what exactly are they, and how can you start using them for yourself?

Read on for everything you need to know about terp pearls. We share how to use these accessories to improve the overall function of your setup. With this helpful review, you'll be able to use terp balls to get the most out of your dabs.

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What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls, AKA dab pearls or terp balls, are tiny balls that spin inside your banger body. Many consider ownership to be the sign of a dabber who cares about the quality of their sessions.

How Big Are They?

These dabbing accessories have a diameter of around 4-6mm.

What Do They Look Like?

While dab pearls are usually the same size, they vary when it comes to color and material. You can get them in materials such as borosilicate glass, ruby, ceramic, and sapphire. The most common, however, is quartz. Quartz terp pearls tend to have the best heat retention and provide flavor-based hits.

What Does a Terp Pearl Do?

Quartz terp pearls are extremely helpful for improving the function of your setup. When you add them to your glass or quartz banger and get them spinning, they help evenly disperse your dabs and distribute heat. This process preserves the terpenes in your concentrates, making for more flavorful and powerful hits.

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How to Use Quartz Terp Pearls

Quartz terp pearls are relatively straightforward. Next time you add them to the inside of your banger body, follow these steps that we share below:

1. Determine When to Add to Your Quartz Banger

First, you must decide whether to add them before or after you heat your banger body. Most people find it easiest first to add their quartz terp pearls and then heat their banger.

However, if you have dab pearls made of glass or other materials, you may want to add them after heating your banger body. This method can help prevent melting and make cleanup easier. But, which route you go ultimately comes down to the material of your terp pearls and personal preference.

2. Decide How Many Terp Balls to Add

Next, you should address the related concern of how many quartz terp pearls to add. Technically, you can add as many as you please. One terp pearl works okay, but the small size might not be enough to get even dispersion. Three or more may be too many as they start to stack and have difficulty spinning. Two seems to be the best option, but feel free to experiment and find the number that works best for you.

3. Proceed as Normal

Now, it's time to proceed as normal. Heat your banger and let it cool to your preferred temperature. Add your dabs to the banger, put the carb cap on, and take a hit. Your hit will cause the accessories to start spinning and evenly distributing the oil.

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How to Clean Your Quartz Terp Pearls

Dirty quartz terp pearls may lose their ability to spin or even alter the taste of your concentrates. So, we highly recommend cleaning your dab pearls.

Cleaning After Every Dab

After every dab, you should use a Q-tip to swab your quartz terp pearls and the bottom surface of the quartz banger. Once you're done with your session, you will want to do a more thorough cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

To do a deep clean, first, let your pearls cool completely. Then, add them to an iso solution and let them soak for about 30 minutes. You should also wash out your banger as you normally would.

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Consider Buying Grabbers

While not necessary, terp pearl grabbers can be helpful with the cleaning process. These tools make managing the 4-6mm terp balls much easier.

Can Terp Pearls Melt?

Your dabs require a high temperature to vaporize. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in a previous section, this extreme heat can melt your terp pearls, especially if they are made of a material like glass or ruby. Be sure to follow the care instructions that the brand provides, or else the pearls may melt.

Get Quartz Accessories

Want to save yourself a headache? Purchase quartz terp pearls from the get-go. (Quartz is far less likely to melt under a high temperature.)

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Why Do My Terp Pearls Not Spin?

Have you tried our method, but your quartz terp pearls aren't spinning at the bottom? As we stated in a previous section, the lack of spin may be due to the presence of too many dab pearls.

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But what if you're only using one and it's still not working? You probably have the wrong size or type of carb cap. Search for a vortex carb cap to save the day. It should be compatible with quartz terp pearls — the brand will list a rating that indicates this compatibility. Looking for popular options? Enter quartz cyclone caps, glass cyclone caps, quartz disc caps, hatter caps, and other vortex carb caps of the sort.

How Much Do Terp Pearls Cost?

One of the main reasons terp pearls are so popular? They're available at a great price. They tend to come in value packs of 5 or so for under $10. This average price is great, especially when you realize that these accessories last a while and yield powerful, flavorful hits.

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How to Purchase Terp Pearls

Seeing how simple these great accessories are, you might be tempted to submit your purchase with the company's that come up first on Google.

However, we recommend doing some general first-time customer research before buying terp pearls. Search for a verified terp pearls site that makes great accessories. Sort through companies until you find products that have a great rating, feature the proper rating for your banger, come in the color you want, etc. They should also fit your price range while not being ridiculously cheap.

Just like you can write a customer review, so can others. Browse through online customer reviews - both positive and negative - before purchasing from a vendor, so you get an outsider's input.

If you're conducting a web-based search, sort until you find a site with fast shipping times. You'll get your items ASAP and get a jump start on improving your dabbing experience.

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Try Quartz Terp Pearls Today

If you want to take your dabbing sessions to the next level, we can't recommend quartz terp pearls enough. They're the perfect accessories for beginners and veterans alike, thanks to their low price, ease of use, and color varieties.

Remember to read customer reviews before shopping for terp pearls, so you make sure you're getting the best terp pearls and nothing else!

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