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Ultimate Guide to Smell Proof Backpacks – Top Brands Reviewed


Overall Rating: 4/5

Obviously for storing cookies, this backpack was designed to keep that chocolate smell concealed and safe. Being made from a nice canvas material allows for a clean and smooth look and feel. This smell proof backpack is offered in two different styles.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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Sometimes, you need a backbag that conceals odor. Whether you are using it for traveling or just for day-to-day typical use, it’s important to find a smell proof backpack that actually works well. You need a functional back pack that has plenty of space, a nice design, and the best ability to prevent smell from escaping. We’ve got you covered.

Dabbing Pro has put together an ultimate list to determine which odor proof bags for weed are best for your needs. These smell proof backpacks are the best available. We give you the best features of each of these bookbags designed for stoners, cannabis users or anyone who is looking to conceal odor in a nice backpack.

Original Hemp Backpack – Knapsack w/Smell Proof Pouch & Secret Pocket (Black)

This bag is especially sleek and stylish. It’s recently become a top product on amazon and is known for its odorless properties that makes it an outstanding weed bag. Dimebags backpacks are an original hemp made product that are specifically designed to be functional and fashionable at the same time. The smell protective pouch is perfect for easy storage and concealment.

  • It’s heavy duty zippers make the bag extremely discrete and secure.
  • The bag also comes with a very handy secret pocket area and additionally there is a odorless pouch that is removable which makes concealable storage super convenient.
  • Durable hemp fabric bookbag, it’s a solid, well-made product.

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Revelry Supply The Escort Backpack Odor Absorbent

If you’re looking for a smell proof backpack that is affordable, this is the way to go. This product is going to be the best bang for your buck when looking for odor concealing bags in general. The stripe black is probably the coolest looking finish and the general look of this backpack adds to it’s discreet look.

  • This backpack is water resistant and the zippers are also waterproof.
  • The dimensions are a nice 17″ x 13″ x 5″, giving you plenty of room for storage.
  • Has a dual layer of carbon filter that works with each other to help eliminate odors and is also protected by a softer cotton lining.

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Skunk Vatra Urban Backpack Black – Smell Proof – Water Proof

Skunk backpacks are well-known! There are actually two different types of these no smell bags that made it on to this specific backpack review. The first pack is the classic sleek black design, it’s a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy it for everyday use. In general, this is an industry standard bag. You can’t go wrong with this classic choice.

  •  This bag is secure and stable, since it’s lined with carbon-filter lining. It’s also got a protective rubber backed nylon netting designed to prevent tears
  • At a nice size of 17″ x 13″ x 5″, it is one of best and most practical odor absorbing backpacks on the market.
  • Extremely discreet color, shape, branding and overall design.

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Skunk Backpack Rogue – Smell Proof – Water Proof – Lockable – Hydroponics

This other odorless cannabis backpack by Skunk is also waterproof and lockable like the cheaper version. However, this product has side net products and a padded laptop sleeve on the inside. I’d recommend this for more important, heavier use. Or if youneed extra space, this is definitely the back pack for weed to go with.

  •  Carbon-fitler lined, protective netting AND double zipper
  • Additionally, it’s a bit more spacious than the other skunk backpack, it’s dimensions come in at around: 20’’ x 12’’ x 6”
  • Classic inconspicuous Skunk brand design

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Cookies Fantastic Voyage Water Resistant Canvas Smell Proof Backpack

Obviously for storing cookies, this backpack was designed to keep that chocolate smell concealed and safe. Being made from a nice canvas material allows for a clean and smooth look and feel. This smell proof backpack is offered in two different styles.

  •  The double zippers featured in this bag are what really contributes to making it smell proof.
  • Branded woven label and leather faux detailing add a nice stylish touch.
  • Special accessory storage within laptop pouch

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Ultimately, depending on your needs for no smell backpacks, anyone of these choices could work for you. Generally, this list will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on odor free backpack that is perfect for your desires. Their are many different brands out there, so be careful and make sure to invest in an accessory that will actually do the job needed to eliminate smells and be smell proof.

If you’re an active cannabis user on the go, check out our rundown of the most essential books on weed.



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