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Top Smell Proof Containers For Storing Weed (2021)

Looking for a completely odorless way to store your cannabis? These options for a smell proof container are exactly what you need when it comes to a good stash jar. Dabbing Pro reviewed some of the top choices on the market to help you pick which storage option is best for your herbs!

Prime storing conditions for weed is essential ensure it’s preserved and keeps it’s potency, flavor and smell! These choices are top quality. You can count on the reliability of these jars and containers to keep your weed air-tight and prevent any odor from escaping. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a weed jar, including: size, durability, material, and volume of storage space.

What to Look For in a Smell Proof Container

  • Light-tight- Preferably, the best containers to seal in air also seal in light! A dark colored material that protects against harmful light and UV rays. These rays can damage your bud, and make it dry out! No one wants that!
  • Air-tight- It’s obvious air can’t escape your container, or else smell also would. So a reliable seal on your jar is going to be at the TOP of the list as far as priority goes when looking for a smell proof container.
  • Size- Depending on your consumption on weed, your needs for size may vary. Typically, a jar that can contain a half oz (approx. 14 grams of weed) is a good size for most cannabis patients. Most of the containers on this list are in that volume range.
  • Discreetness- Typically, a compact size that allows for maximum storage capacity is the best way to stay discreet. Additionally, you probably don’t want any labeling on the outside of your storage either. Anything blatantly cannabis themed will tell everyone that’s where you store your weed. Which may or may not be an issue depending on your needs.

When picking a smell proof container for herb, you have a few main points to consider before buying. Hopefully one of these options suits your needs for an effective odor free stash jar! Be sure to keep up to date with our blog for some of the best cannabis product reviews of 2021!

Best airtight jars for storing weed

Best Features:

  • Made from aluminum
  • Rubber seal for complete air tight storage
  • Smell proof and Water proof

This sleek black design is perfect for discreet storage of herb. Not only is it constructed from aluminum, but it also has a rubber seal meaning it's designed to be tough and durable. This is our top choice for the best value weed container of the list. If you're looking for the option that will offer the most bang for your buck, we recommend this bad boy. Functional and practical, it's durable, air-tight and made of quality materials. Perfect storage jar for weed for those on a budget

Best Features:

  • Vacuum seal for freshness
  • Perfect travel size for bags or backpacks
  • FDA approved plastic
  • Moisture and Oxygen free containment
  • Available in a variety of colors

The Tightvac container offers a versatile portable option for storing marijuana. Or really for any consumable, dry or wet food would work as well since it's multi-use! It's FDA approved, food grade plastic and is also recyclable! There are a variety of different styles that this smell proof jar comes in. Typically, we'd recommend a solid one to help protect against light. Regardless, this portable travel container is perfect for long-term or short-term odor free storage.

Canniloq-Smell Proof Stash Jar Airtight Child Safe Premium High Strength Polymer Black 120ml

Best Features:

  • Air, Water AND Light-Tight!
  • Aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel. Super durable!
  • Sealed Push and turn cap ensures all contents are safe

This air-tight locking jar is top of the line, Canniloq focuses on quality. While it’s on the premium end as far as odor free containers go, you know this product works! It’s shatter-proof, smell proof, water proof, light proof and even idiot proof! This weed container is downright tough and the highest quality available. We highly recommend this product if you’re in need of a ride-or-die reliable stash jar.

Herb Guard - Half Oz Smell Proof Stash Jar (250 ml) Comes with Humidity Pack to Keep Goods Fresh for Months

Best Features:

  • UV-Glass designed for UV and harmful light protection
  • BPA-free heavy duty plastic lid locks in odors
  • Perfect for Long term storage and preservation of herb
  • Taller, sleek design

Herb Guard products e well-known in the industry for being reliable and made specifically for the ultimate stoner’s needs. This jarcomes with a humidity pack to keep your herbs fresh! in order to protect your herb from any harmful light damage. This 250ml version is a convenient size for almost everyone. You can definitely rely on it for long term storage if you need to save up or even as a daily container, this product is one of the best smell proof containers reviewed on this list. It'll help cover up the DANKEST of DANK.

Best Features:

  • UV-Glass
  • BPA-free heavy duty plastic sealed lid keeps in smell
  • Perfect for Long term preservation
  • More compact, low profile design

The second Herb Guard stash jar on this review list is a lower-profile option. This version is a bit smaller of container but still gets the job done. Typically, you would want these one for a smaller sized stash. For a larger choice, go with the option above. But this one is perfect for weed storage, preservation and protection. And of course concealing the smell! It has the same smell-proof seal, material, and discreet look.

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