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Personal Rosin Press Review Guide – 5 Best Rosin Presses for Home Use

Do you have a rosin press? If not, what are you waiting for? With the legalization of marijuana in many states across America, there are more and more people looking to make their own rosin at home.

There is no need to spend money on expensive concentrates when you can make your own! In this article we will review all of the top rosin presses available today and compare them according to price range.

We’ll also answer some common questions about purchasing a rosin press so that you feel confident in your purchase decision. Finally, we’ll discuss how to make rosin from cannabis flower as well as general tips and tricks that will help with the process! Let’s jump right into into the best rosin press guide for 2021!

DIY concentrate creation is on the rise in the cannabis community. This is all thanks to the growing popularity of rosin presses.

A rosin press is a machine that allows you to apply heat and tons of pressure directly to your bud, extracting the essential oils on the cannabis. This is done with two pressing plates that are dual heated and are usually made from solid steel.

This is referred to as rosin, and is completely solventless, clean and ready for consumption.

So with tons of machines online to help make this process easy, we’ve narrowed down the personal rosin press selection to just a few choices.

For the best pressed rosin at home, you’ve come to the right place. You need to find the best rosin press for you.

Best Rosin Presses for 2021

Best Features:

  • 3×3-inch dual-heated aluminum plates
  • Temp range: 100℉-250℉
  • SMALLER than most home coffee machines!
  • Produces quality rosin

This deluxe package press is perfect for extracting rosin at home. The complete kit comes with absolutely every material you need to start rosin pressing. This reliable machine comes from MyPress and they only claim extremely accurate temperature and time display on a digital interface. Temperature range on this press maxes out at 250 degrees Fahrenheit and the large plates will produce potent, fresh rosin. Simply put, it's one of the best choices for a diy rosin press.

Best Features:

  • Large 3″ x 5″ press plates
  • Max temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable press that can deliver up to 1000 lbs of force
  • Aluminum plates that are stainless steel.

These rosin presses are the cream of the crop. They have a built up reputation and have been producing high quality machines out of the USA. This model is their standard version, complete with 3×5 plates, this is perfect for personal use. It couldn’t be easier to operate, after it is unpackaged, this press just needs to be plugged in and after setting up the machine, it’s ready to go. Simply put, this pneumatic rosin press is one of the best personal rosin machines. The heated plates are unmatched .

Best Features:

  • 2.5″ Round Plates
  • 2 x 70W Heaters
  • Small and lighter weight
  • Press up to 3.5g per press

The MINI versiion of NugSmasher’s press is an extremely good choice as well. This is perfect for the at-home enthusiast looking for a small, reliable and cheap rosin press. The round plates provide a sturdy surface to heat about an eighth of an ounce of flower. A mini size is more practical for a beginning presser, making this machine an ideal small rosin press.

Best Features:

  • Slim and portable size (ONLY 12 pounds)
  • Digital pressure gauge and easy to read control
  • Dual Heating Plates measuring  2" x 3" 
  • Precise temperature control
  • Comes with user guide, power cord and a starter kit
  • Max force of 1500 lbs.

Rosineer Presso is a relatively new machine to the market. However, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun home hobby without investing in heavy equipment and complex machines. It is an electric rosin press and comes with a power cord and user guide. It is relatively cheaper option and may not offer as much wattage as other presses. It is generally made for a very low temp solvent less extraction experience. 

What to consider when buying a rosin press

  • How much room or space do you have for storage?
  • Do you need to be careful about noise or smell? If so, this might effect the type of press that you get. for example, a pneumatic variable press might not suit your needs.
  • Will you be traveling with the rosin press? Do you need it to be portable?

The extreme temperature is what makes the most important part, (the concentrated THC and other oils of cannabis) run from the nug.

Applying the extreme pressure ensures that all oil possible was extracted. Rosin press machines are truly revolutionizing how dabbers choose to consume cannabis. Hydraulic pressure, digital temperature control is the way of the future.

When dabbing on rosin, you don’t need to worry about added potency or chemicals from any foreign solvents. You know EXACTLY what you are smoking on. So not only is rosin pressing extremely safe for consumption, but it is the most concentrated and pure form of THC that you can produce. These are all highly recommended.

Types of rosin press

There is a variety of different types of rosin presses out there including:

Electric rosin press 

electric rosin presses use a electric power source or can be plugged in to the wall.

An electric rosin press is usually the best option for those who are looking to make a high volume of rosin. These presses can produce about 50 pounds per hour and have digital controls. They also use less electricity than air compressors or hydraulic presses because they operate at 110 volts rather than 220 volt electrical power sources like other options listed.

One downside to an electric model, however, is that it cannot produce as much power as a pneumatic press and thus would not be the best choice for commercial operation. The following product is great for small to medium-sized home applications as well as a variety of commercial endeavors.

Best Electric Rosin Press: 

Pneumatic rosin press 

These presses use air compressor a pneumatic cylinder that doesn't require manual maintenance. Pneumatic rosin presses do not need to be primed or cranked. They are powered electronically with a single push of the button. Because of this, pneumatic press users have to be careful about applying too much pressure.

The main drawback is that for a pneumatic rosin press to operate it needs an air compressor and most are large and heavy. Luckily, you can use any standard air compressor at home to make rosin- just be aware that it will add to the cost. Additionally, there's a lot of unnecessary noise.

Pneumatic rosin presses are ideal for both commercial applications and use by regular consumers looking to make large quantities of extracts in their homes.

A pneumatic press makes sense if you're a home user that needs to make large batches of concentrates at once but most people don't need that amount of tons of pressure.

Best pneumatic rosin press: Dulytek DM1005 Manual Heat Press Machine Touch-Screen Control Panels USA Made

Manual rosin presses

A manual rosin press does not require an external foot pump or air compressors. Most popular rosin presses like the Nugsmasher Mini are manual presses. You use and hand crank to use the machine to apply pressure. Most of the entries on this best rosin press rundown will be manually operated presses. Manual presses are best for those who are doing a small operation at home and don't want to invest in a large air compressor.

Nugsmasher as a brand has a healthy market share in the manual segment, so it's no coincidence that our top choice is one of theirs.

Best Manual Rosin Press:

Hydraulic rosin press

The force from hydraulic presses come from the hydraulic pressure that they generate. Hydraulic presses are the most powerful option for those who want large quantities of rosin each day.

These machines can produce up to 100 pounds per hour, but they require a 220 volt electrical power source and need more upkeep than other options listed above. 

A hydraulic rosin press tends to be the most expensive option because they use hydraulic pressure to make rosin. Hydraulic rosin presses are good for commercial rosin options and most come with a lifetime warranty or at least a year warranty.

A Hydraulic press doesn't have manual operation like a manual press does, which is why it is a better option for big batches.

Best hydraulic rosin press:

Hybrid Rosin Press

There are also variable or hybrid pneumatic presses and electric rosin presses that use hydraulics. Although hybrid rosin presses may be more expensive than their counterparts, they also have the option to attach a hand pump, pneumatic pump or electric pump.

Much like with other types of presses, this level of customization is often necessary for commercial-grade users. 

These rosin presses are large and heavy, with a wide base plate. This allows you to exert precise pressure in order to efficiently extract the aromatic and flavorful oils of the cannabis plant. One popular manufacturer is Sasquash.

Best Hybrid rosin presses

With so many different rosin press brands available, it may be hard to make the right decision based on your needs for rosin.

If you are making edibles with your rosin press, you also need to decarboxylate your concentrate. To learn more about our experience with making high-quality concentrates at home, check out our guide on decarbing concentrates.

What are rosin presses for?

A rosin press is a machine with dual heated metal plates that applies heat and pressure and tons of force in order to extract rosin from flower. Making rosin is one of the easiest ways to produce cannabis extract without using solvents.

The heat plates apply tons of fource

The rosin press is one of the most common machines used for making cannabis concentrate at home. Rosin extraction is made easy thanks to rosin presses.

What do you need?

To make rosin using a rosin press you will need:

  • Material for extraction
  • Flower
  • Kief or dry sift
  • Bubble Hash
  • Rosin filter bags for extracting
  • Unbleached parchment paper

Flower- for flower, it is necessary to grind it up or break it down into small pieces. It is best to have a manual grinder, but you can use scissors as well.

Flower will give you the best quality rosin but may not produce adequate yields. Strains where the frostiness is more concentrated on the inside of the flower are best suited for making rosin.

When either pressing flower, try to go with the smaller nugs since they have more surface area and will provide a higher yield of oil. 

Kief or hash, alternatively, you may have higher yields and superior quality.

Different strains will require different ratios of kief and dry sift- for most rosin presses, the general ratio is 60% flower/40% kief and dry sift. The temperature for flower is best at 190-270 degrees Fahrenheit. and the length of time under the heated plates varies on the material you are using.

Time and temperature requirements

  • Low temperatures (190°F- 215°F) = The rosin high tends to have more flavor and less yield, with the last product being an end material that has a butter-like or honey consistency

  • Higher temperatures (220°F- 260°F) = Typically less aromatic and flavorful, the rosin extraction produces a higher yield. The end result is less stable (similar to sap).

Finding a good rosin press for sale can get a little confusing. When shopping for the best rosin press, you are looking for a long-lasting, durable press at a reasonable price.

Dabbing Pro reviewed some of the most well-known presses to provide you with all the details and information you need to make an informed decision about choosing from the best rosin presses.

With rosin presses you can press flower, dry sift, kief or even hash to make rosin on your own.

After a few grams of flower is pressed by the two plates, you simply (and carefully) unwrap the filter, remove the smashed plant material and you are left with a solventless, potent oil, ready to dab on!

It is necessary to find a rosin press that works for your situation. Do you have any recommendations for rosin presses? Hit me up on Instagram @thedabbingpro!


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