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Best Dab Pads for 2019 – The Most Rad Dab Mats for Sale

You need a stable surface to keep your nice rig on, that’s where dab mats come in. A good silicone or fabric dab mat is crucial for any stoner who cares about their collection! Dabbing Pro went ahead and reviewed some of the best and funniest dab pads you can find online.

Let’s get started.

Ultimately, it is up to you on what design you prefer, you can find some pretty funny ones all across the net. Amazon has some pretty good mats as well. They have a wide variety, including silicone mats or more thick pad ones instead.

You can find a plethora of characters partaking in dabbing or more generic ones with color accents. Without further ado, here is your guide to the best dab mat.

Best Dab Mats for Sale

2 x Silicone Mat Non-Stick by TitanOwl

This concentrate pad is reliable and stable, being heat resistant & microwave safe, you know it’s clean and good quality. This is important when in comes to consuming concentrates. Titanium Owl offers this platinum cured mat which is a perfect way to keep wax and dabs off of your furniture and they are easy clean as well!

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Best Features:

  • Affordable price
  • Pack of 2!
  • Non-stick, super easy to clean!
  • Great size for almost any rig!

Silicone Mat Bundle – 8″ Hexagon Mat + 5″ Carving Tool + 7ml Non-Stick Container + Sponge – Lionhead

Coming in two different patterns, this dab mat is one of the best available.  And as an added bonus, it comes with a tool and dab container! Personally, I prefer this version of the dab mat that has a honeycomb pattern. However, it also has a original plain option as well! Either choice would be a great option for any dabber.

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Best Features:

  • Honeycomb pattern
  • Comes with a tool and container
  • Non-stick and heat resistant!

DabPadz Dab Mat – 16×10 / Richard & Marty Portal

Say no more, this hilarious dabmat inspired by Rick And Morty is both funny and functional. It’ll hold your rig, torch, and portal gun! “Richard & Marty” portal mat by DabPadz features an awesome screen-printed design. It’s dimensions are 16 by 10, so it’s a perfect size for pretty much any waterpipe!

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Best Features:

  • Large rectangular shape, 16×10
  • DabPadz, quality company, highly recommended!
  • Shock absorbent material with fabric printed topped

DabPadz Fabric Top Dropmat – 16″x10″ – Assorted Designs (Pulsar Psychedelic Spaceman)

DabPadz has some really great mat designs. It’s fabric topped, so you know it’ll be a thick and stable pad. It helps absorb shock to keep glass safe. This trippy spaceman is sure to help prevent from damaging furniture or chipping/breaking your dab rigs. This psychadeilic dab mat is a solid choice.

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Best Features:

  • Rounded shape
  • Thick, fabric topped pad
  • Easy, portable size

Final Thoughts

Honestly, any good dab pad is going to be made of a stable and sturdy material, so that your rig wont move around or be knocked over easily. Typically, a material such as silicone will be able to absorb any threatening shock that could completely knock over and break your rig.

Or you may be using the mat as a pad to prevent mess when pressing your own dabs.

Let us know if you have any questions when it comes to making a good investment on a quality dabbing mat!

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