How to Roll a Joint (For Beginners)

Knowing how to roll a joint isn’t in the typical person’s skillset. But it should be a goal if you want to soak up the best notes of your nugs.

The good news is rolling a joint is the simplest way to enjoy your cannabis. Materials are cheap and readily available so you can roll one whenever the mood strikes.

Use this guide to learn the basics of joint rolling to perfect your craft.

How to Roll a Joint in Five Easy Steps

People roll joints lots of different ways, some more complex than others. We’ve broken down the basics to help you master the art as quickly as possible.

Step One: Choose High-Quality Rolling Paper

Paper type can affect the taste and quality of your smoke session. Choose unbleached or chemical-free rolling papers for the smoothest flavor.

You can also find hemp rolling paper to keep it pure.

Step Two: Grind Your Cannabis

Turn your nugs into a smokeable form. Grinders provide a consistent structure and quickly turn your cannabis into small, rollable, smokable pieces.

Make sure you take out any woody or lumpy bits before you roll the joint.

Step Three: Build Your Structure

Evenly distribute your newly ground cannabis in a rolling paper. Some master rollers prefer to crease the paper in the middle to make it easier to fill.

Joints don’t have filters like cigarettes, but you can make one if you desire. Also called the ‘crutch’ or ‘roach,’ this little mouthpiece is formed from rolling paper, business cards, or thin cardboard. Some rolling paper companies will include material for the crutch along with the paper.

To build the crutch, take a small piece of whatever material you’re using and made a few accordion-style folds at one end. Then, roll the material long-ways to match the expected thickness of your joint. Place at one end of the joint.

Step Four: Roll the Joint

Here comes the fun part: rolling the joint.

Pinch the rolling paper and gently roll back and forth between your fingers to pack and shape the cannabis. Shaping makes it easier to roll a tighter joint.

This is where the crutch comes in handy. You will need to tuck one edge of the paper to give you a rolling guide. Tucking is usually done around the crutch, then worked up the length of the joint to seal the goods inside.

Now start rolling until you’re close to the glue side. Use a little moisture to seal it all the way down.

Step Five: Almost Ready to Light

Don’t smoke just yet. Use a small, blunt object to push through the lighting end to pack the cannabis and ensure there are no gaps. Don’t pack too tightly though – you still need a little airflow.

Twist the lighting end shut if you’re saving the joint for later. If you’re ready to blaze, skip the twisting and fire away.

Now You Know How to Roll Like a Pro

Learning how to roll a joint takes time and practice to get the best results. Most pros do it by hand, but there are also joint rolling machines if you can’t quite hone your craft.

However you choose to roll, the best part is always enjoying the fruits of your labor.

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