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How To Get Reclaim From Your Dab Rig

Reclaim is the oil in your dab rig that collects over time. If you have been using your rig a lot and you are out of dabs, getting reclaim out of your rig to dab can be a great option.

If you think you might be at the point where you need to smoke reclaim, keep on reading for some pro tips and you'll be dabbing again in no time, ou just need to know how to get reclaim out of your rig.

Just make sure you have some salt, some high % iso alcohol and a paper towel or two. The alcohol is the most important part, you want to let your rig soak to get reclaim. Collecting residual concentrates can be tricky but if you want to save that reclaim, it can be a worthwhile task while cleaning your rigs.

Materials needed

What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Q-tips
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Containers/plastic bags
  • Salt
  • Isopropyl alcohol (91%+)
  • Butane torch/lighter
  • Scraper/pick
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How to Collect Reclaim from Your Rig

Collecting reclaim is quite a simple process if you clean your dab rig consistently. If you are out of fresh wax, rig reclaim is a great way to get a bit ripped. All you really need is a dab tool, some iso alcohol, hot water, a few paper towels.

Mix the alcohol and salt together to taste to create your cleaning solution and pour it into the bags or containers. Get salt in those tough to reach nooks and crannies (once it has been taken apart) to make sure you get the most thorough clean possible and how to get the most reclaim.

After you fill up your rig with alcohol, hot water, shake it up and then let it soak for a few minutes at least. 

Depending on the shape and size of your rig, you might need to soak and shake multiple time until the reclaim is collected, grouped up and able to be poured out.

To get the best results, you will need isopropyl alcohol that is at least 91% or higher. Salt is also required at this stage of cleaning your water pipe, as well as whatever form of containers or dish you've chosen to work with.

I recommend catching the reclaim oil out with an old silicone oil slick container but a glass one will work too or even an old plastic rubberwear container.

To collect your residual reclaim while cleaning, be patient when rinsing your rig so that you make sure you actually catch the concentrate in your dish.

For more information on proper cleaning, you can check out our full guide on how to clean your dab rig properly. This will be helpful when it comes to collecting reclaim.

Lastly, you'll need to wait for your remaining cleaning solution to begin to evaporate. You can leave your container or dish near a lamp or window to increase heat and speed up this process. Be patient, you'll be taking a dab in no time once the alcohol and salt residue is completely removed from the reclaim.

Heating the reclaim to help the alcohol evaporate is important, because you if you don't you are possibly inhaling residue from your cleaning solution. Not to mention the sizzle, burn and popping that happens if you try dabbing alcohol soaked reclaim.

You can then transfer the remaining reclaim to wax paper for safe keeping if you scrape it from your container.

While the taste is no where near as potent as that of weed in a normal dab, (mainly because of the lack of terpenes) the reclaim is still good for dabbing and get get you pretty high.

Not to mention, it's free!

How to Smoke Reclaim from an Old Dab Rig

Smoking reclaim from an old dab rig is a great way to get the most out of your dabbing experience. Reclaim is the leftover cannabis concentrate collected during the normal course of smoking and it can be quite potent. By following these steps, you will learn how to smoke reclaim from an old dab rig and enjoy every hit.

Step One: Get Your Reclaim Ready

The first step in smoking reclaim from an old dab rig is getting your reclaim ready to go. Start by collecting any leftover resin from previous dabs in a separate container. You can use any type of non-porous container, such as a silicone container or glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Once you’ve gathered the leftover concentrate, it’s time to get ready for step two.

Step Two: Preparing the Rig

Now that you have your reclaim ready, it’s time to prepare your old dab rig for action. Start by cleaning all of your dabbing tools with isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol – this will help ensure that there isn’t any contamination during the process of preparing and smoking the dab reclaim. Make sure to remove all residue and other residue before moving onto step three.

Step Three: Setting Up Your Rig

Once everything has been cleaned, it’s time to set up your old dab rig properly so that you can begin smoking the reclaim safely and effectively. Begin by inserting a glass nail into the joint of your rig so that it creates a tight seal between the nail and the joint – this will allow heat to flow more evenly during smoking, resulting in better taste and satisfaction with each hit.

Then, add some silicone wax mat or parchment paper around the base of your nail for additional insulation against heat transfer and protect any glass shatter during use. Finally, place a small amount of reclaim onto the wax paper at the tip of your glass nail using tweezers or other similar tool before moving on to step four.

Step Four: Lighting It Up

It’s now time for action – light up your torch or heat source and apply flame directly onto the surface of your glass nail until it begins melting away at least half of your reclaimed concentrate material - this ensures that all elements within are being vaporized safely before inhalation occurs!

Once melted down enough, place either a carb cap on top or blow out excess butane gas while inhaling through mouthpiece– be sure not overheat as excessive heat could damage both glass material & lungs alike! Finally, exhale through nose after taking desired inhale amount & enjoy those tasty reclaimed terps!

Overall, learning how to smoke reclaim from an old dabrig requires patience and practice however once mastered yields a plethora rewards – enjoy those last dabs & don't forget always keep safety first!

Benefits Of Collecting Reclaim From Dab Rigs

Aside from saving money on not having to buy new wax every week, there’s also quite a few benefits associated with collecting reclaim from dab rigs that make it worth considering; especially if someone was already planning on cleaning their setup anyway!

As mentioned above one advantage would be smoking concentrates in lesser amounts at higher potency levels due lack presence terpenes found fresh concentrates normally used - though others advantages include:

  • Potency: Since less is required amount wise when using recycled material gets further stretched longer periods which perfect those who don't top charge frequently

  • Efficiency: Solution methods outlined provides efficient way clean & store without laborious tasks associated meticulous preparation required repeatedly whenever dosing new batches

  • Flavor: even though flavors won't same quality standard normal extractions process yields they still exist&some users report blissful experience when taking reclaim compared average hit strength obtained regular dose sizes

Finally another great benefit is environmental impact reduced given resources saved through reusing material rather than constantly buying throwing away disposable substances along proper protocols maintained consistently throughout process ensuring safety well enjoyment users overall regardless ones preference regarding type consistency desired after extraction procedure performed its completion!

Knowing how useful collecting cannabis reclaim from dab rigs beneficial has demonstrated many there simply no excuse not try out method owners take advantage free hits saved each now future drum hitting sessions come around again soon enough hopefully better avoid dangerous fumes produced otherwise during extraction processes altogether leading satisfying smoking sessions ever afterwards each higher potency level achieved pure convenience factor included enjoying less spend


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