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How To Clean A Titanium Nail for Dabs|Seasoning and Cleaning Tutorial

Titanium nails used for dabbing can get pretty dirty after consistent use. Or, if you just bought a new one, it’s a good idea to season the nail before it’s ready to use. It’s not very difficult to do and doesn’t take very long, so you’ll be dabbing in no time!  Dabbing Pro has your complete tutorial to how to clean a titanium nail.

Seasoning a New Titanium Nail

If you have a brand new titanium nail, it’s usually a good idea to season it first, which essentially is the best way of cleaning. If you do not season the nail, your dabs might taste a bit like metal and you may inhale pollutants that might be on the product from the store, manufacturer, etc. So this step is extremely important before your start dabbing. Oxidizing the titanium is the key. A seasoned dab nail is vital for flavor.

How to Season a Dab Nail:

  1. Heat your nail attached to your rig with your torch until evenly red hot
  2. Allow the nail to cool slightly
  3. Place a small, even amount of concentrate on the entire surface of the dab nail
  4. Cool the nail completely
  5. Heat again nail to clean any excess oil off
  6. Your (titanium) ti nail is now seasoned
  7. (This can be repeated 2-3 times for good measure)

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Cleaning Your Titanium Nail

It’s extremely important to ensure you aren’t inhaling old burnt-on excess off of your ti nail. So naturally, you’re going to have to clean it after a certain amount of use.  There are a few different methods to do this, but Dabbing Pro highly recommends the Iso/Salt method. So that will be the main one described in this tutorial.

You will need:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Iso) at least 91%
  • A plastic bag, or container to hold your nail
  • Salt

Steps to clean a titanium dab nail:

  1. Place ti nail in container or bag with iso and salt
  2. Shake and submerge nail in solution
  3. Let sit for 5 minutes (perhaps longer depending on dirtiness)
  4. Rinse with plenty of water, air dry and reheat the nail
  5. Your nail is now cleaned!

Hopefully this guide showed you exactly how to clean a titanium nail so that you can get ripping! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below

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