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How Long to Heat a Quartz Banger for Dabbing


Option 1- Cold Dabs "Cold Start"

With a quartz banger, you have the option to use significantly less heat to still get a hit. You can put your dab in the banger and heat with your torch evenly for around 15-25 seconds. Quartz is extremely good at retaining heat but you need to only wait a few seconds to make sure you get a hit. Referred to as "cold start dabs"


Option 2- Regular range "Cold Start"

Depending on the size of the banger, heat it up for about 25-40 seconds. 30 Seconds is a good rule of thumb. Let it cool off a bit to reach the 550 -650 F degrees. (Read more below)


Option 3- HOT DABS

Some people prefer to take their dabs extremely hot! In which case, you can follow similar instructions to option 2, but heat it for around 45 seconds and maybe only wait 10-20 seconds before you take a hit.

Heating a quartz banger or dab nail requires the right timing and technique to get the desired results. If the temperatures are too high, you are likely to permanently damage your dab rig accessories. This will in turn cause problems with heating time, flavor, heat retention and distribution, and durability.

Besides damaging your accessories, high-temperature dabs can have serious effects on your health. They can cause damage to the mouth, esophagus and lungs. This means you must know how long to heat your quartz banger for healthy dabbing.

Here’s a brief guide on how long to heat quartz banger.

Correct Heating Duration

There’s no specific duration for heating a quartz banger. This is because there is a wide range of brands, and each is made from raw materials that have different levels of purity. The purity of the raw materials used has a significant effect on the duration of heating. Other notable factors include:

  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Size of the quartz banger

The most important thing is to master your specific quartz banger to get the perfect dab.

torch heating banger

What’s the Best Heating Technique?

If you’re using a butane torch, the first step is to light it and distribute the heat around the sides and base of your banger evenly. Don’t concentrate your torch on one point because this can cause some spots to be hotter than others. Ensure you move it regularly in all areas, including the bottom of the banger, for around 30 to 60 seconds. What you should be looking for is the point where the banger glows.

Once you’ve noticed some glow in your quartz, stop the heat and wait for a few seconds before dabbing. If you prefer high temp dabs (500-600°F), wait for around 15 seconds before dabbing.

However, it’s more preferable to try low-temperature dabs (350-450°F) because this offers the best flavor. It also won’t affect your nails. The waiting time for low-temp dabs should be between 30 to 60 seconds.

Whether you prefer low-temp or high-temp dabs, always avoid heating your quartz banger beyond 650°F. As mentioned earlier, such high temperatures are harmful to your health and can damage your accessories. It also causes bad flavor, which can make you not enjoy your dabbing.


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