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Finding the Best High-Paying Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

Do you have a passion for pot? Why not make a career out of it? Check out these eight fun and high-paying jobs in the marijuana industry.

It’s predicted that the marijuana industry will see a growth in jobs by 21% a year through 2022. With such great numbers, it’s no wonder everyone is on the lookout for jobs in the marijuana industry.

Part of what makes these opportunities so great is that they reach across a variety of different fields from marketing to cultivation. So any professional with a strong skill set can get in on the game.

We’re going over the most promising jobs in the marijuana industry that could be the dream gig for you!

The business of marijuana in the United States has experienced a meteoric rise since the first few states began legalizing sales for medicinal and recreational purposes.

An analysis shows that the marijuana market in the United States is about $31.4 billion.

All that money is not padding the pockets of a select few “mob boss” style gangsters either. There are currently about 200,000 part-time and full-time positions in the marijuana industry.

Some of those jobs earn high wages and come with impressive benefits.

We have ranked the top highest paying marijuana jobs in the market today. Read on to find out who is harvesting more than one type of green.

The Best Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

You don’t have to own a dispensary to get hired for a great job in the marijuana industry. All you have to do is combine your passion with this new and expanding market.

Don’t believe us? Read on to learn more about eight unique, fun and well-paying jobs within the marijuana industry. You might just find that you’re suited for one of them already.

1. Cannabis Chef

Whether it’s creating edibles or serving up fine dining cannabis dishes, there’s something cool about being able to introduce yourself as an edible chef. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in several states, there is a demand for good cannabis in the form of candy, chocolates and a number of other edibles.

Fine dining restaurants with cannabis-based dishes have also emerged, allowing chefs to get creative in the kitchen with green inspired ingredients. If you have experience in food handling and preparation with a culinary degree, this may be a strong option for you.

2. Cannabis Tour Guide

Thanks to the increased legalization of recreational cannabis use, cannabis tourism is on the rise, creating a logical demand for cannabis tour guides. If you dream of introducing travelers to quaint 420-friendly bed and breakfasts, green cafes, and even breweries then a cannabis tour guide may be the right option for you.

If you have a knack for remembering facts, a social personality, and the ability to find interesting and noteworthy locations then a job as a cannabis tour guide could be the match you’ve been looking for.

3. Budtender

A budtender is exactly what it sounds like, the same job as a bartender geared towards cannabis. A budtender typically works in dispensaries and is in charge of helping customers select the best strains for their needs.

Part sales, part listening, and a lot of customer service, this position requires that you know your cannabis and which blends are suitable for which types of people and conditions.

The name “budtender” stems from the fact that customers typically develop a friendly rapport with people in this situation, similar to that of a bartender.

4. Delivery Person

Yes, cannabis delivery is a thing, and in some parts of the country, you can now order cannabis as easily as you order your takeout. Which means there’s also a need for delivery people to bring good bud directly to people’s homes.

Not only do you get to meet a number of interesting people on the job, but you also get to explore new areas and make great tips. Extra perk if you deliver to someone that’s in the mood to share!

If you’re looking for a job in the cannabis market, it’s important to know you can find one at virtually any experience level, even as a delivery person. Discover more about what jobs are available to you.

5. Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The only problem is the industry is built on uncharted territory. If you’re into marketing, this can be viewed as less of a curse and more of a blessing.

In response to the growing industry, full marketing agencies are being created just for the cannabis industry. This means you get to spend your days helping new emerging cannabis agencies create their logos, slogans, and even their packaging.

You also get to dive into market research and what we believe to be the coolest focus groups in the world.

6. Web Designer

Speaking of helping new brands launch, with all of the emerging new businesses in the cannabis market, there are countless websites waiting to be built. If you know how to put together a beautiful website, and have a passion for cannabis, this may be the ideal gig for you.

This means understanding critical design elements for websites as well as knowing what type of photos and elements will appeal most to that audience.

7. Grow Master

Grow master is one of the most sought-after jobs in the cannabis industry today. Not only is this career respected within its industry but it also is in high demand with a salary averaging about $100,000 per year.

These positions are the “green thumbs” that grow the plants.

Since it requires a specific skill and the ability to cultivate strains of marijuana plants, there isn’t currently a high amount of grow masters. But, as the marijuana industry grows and expands, it’s predicted more courses and training for this role will begin to arise.

A medical marijuana grower is much more than that guy that has a few plants in a bedroom with a grow light. These guys are experts in growing mass amounts of marijuana plants for local dispensaries.

There’s even some belief that marijuana cultivators will one day follow the same trend as celebrity chefs.

8. Sales Rep

Ever thought you’d be proud to announce that you sell weed? Well, now you can.

Sales reps make a pretty penny selling cannabis orders to various dispensaries and trade shows. On a larger scale, some sales reps even sell to edible companies as their main supplier.

The job comes with various perks including plenty of travel, a lucrative commission cut, and did we mention the samples? It’s one job where you’re practically guaranteed to become everyone’s new best friend.

9. Cannabis Extraction Technician

The next job choice in the list is a cannabis extraction technician who gets paid an average of $75,000 to $125,000 per year.

Certain states prohibit patients to use marijuana flowers or edibles. That is where the extraction technicians come into play.

These mad scientists use various methods to render other forms of marijuana like hemp oils or waxes to comply with state laws.

10. Cannabis Consultant

If you have a skill set more suited to sales AND marketing, a cannabis consultant position might be the most appropriate career choice. Those who work in this job average around $100,000 or more per year and often set their own schedules.

A cannabis consultant helps prospective dispensary owners or growers learn how to run a marijuana business. They provide various areas of expertise from what local laws apply to their business to how to choose which marijuana strains to carry.

Because there is a huge influx of aspiring marijuana entrepreneurs, this type of consultant is in high demand.

11. CEO of a Marijuana Dispensary/Dispensary Executive

The highest paid career in the market of medical marijuana is a CEO of a dispensary. They top the charts with an income of $125,000 per year.

On top of the hefty paycheck, you get to run your own dispensary and try all the potential products when selecting your stock!

Anyone who enjoys running and managing a high traffic retail type store, this is a great career choice for you!

Landing Your Dream Gig

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As the cannabis market continues to expand, we’re seeing a continuous stream of creative, cool, and interesting new businesses arrive. Which is why there’s a good chance that among all of the jobs in the marijuana industry, your dream job is waiting for you.

Remember, it takes more than skill in a certain area to land one of these jobs. The more knowledge you have on cannabis the more likely you are to succeeding this industry.


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