Dabbing 101: What is Cannabis Concentrate and How to Dab

Everyday, people are learning about consuming marijuana through the means of dabbing concentrated cannabis oil. But exactly what is dabbing? How does it work? What kind of equipment do you need?

In the year 2018, the growing popularity of cannabis concentrate consumption is still strong.

Let’s get started.

What are Dabs? (Cannabis Concentrate)

Let’s start off by saying that “dabs”, or concentrated wax, oil, or shatter is one form of concentrated cannabis. Extracting the psychoactive cannabinoids found in marijuana is something that has been around for ages (hashish, kief, etc.)

However, in more recent years, a new form of cannabis extraction, cannabis oil, has risen to popularity among smokers as an alternative to the traditional technique of burning flower. Essentially, a “dab” is a tiny amount of pure psychoactive essential oils extracted from the cannabis plant.

Utilizing an extraction process with a third-party solvent like carbon dioxide or butane is how these essential oils and terpenes are synthesized from weed and a “wax”, “budder” “shatter” or other form of concentrated oil is produced.. Many people prefer this because it allows them to only consume the part of weed that actually medicates them.

Inhaling extra plant content found in weed can be damaging, as combusting the bud by burning it produces potentially harmful inhalants.

What is Dabbing? How do you dab?

Dabbing is the act of consuming this pure cannabis oil, a dab.

Here’s what you need to start dabbing:

A dab rig

Dabbing is traditionally done using what is commonly referred to as a “dab rig”. Your typical setup is any normal bong or bubbler you would use to diffuse smoke, except instead of a bowl to pack flower, you need a surface for your oil to burn on so you can dab. This surface is known as a nail


There are many different types of nails, the most common are made from quartz or titanium. basically, the nail is the surface that your oil is placed upon. You heat your nail to get it hot enough to dab on.

Butane torch

Obviously, your nail needs to be extremely hot for you to actually dab your cannabis concentrate. Most dabbers use a butane torch to apply an appropriate amount of heat to their nail.There ar

e other ways to do this, but a torch is the most common. Also, the most affordable for most people.



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