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How to Clean a Quartz Banger for Dabbing (Step by Step)

A really beautiful quartz banger can cost a lot. Buying a high-end banger shows your commitment to quality, and it’s worth taking care of for the aesthetics alone. More than that, though – keeping your quartz banger clean improves the taste and helps it to last for much longer than if you let the gunk pile up.

Here we offer a step-by-step guide on how to clean a quartz banger to give you the best experience.

If your banger is full of grime, follow these steps:quartz banger close up

1) Know Your Products

Absolutely do not use acid-based cleaning products or bleach for cleaning. Distilled water or 99% ISO alcohol will do just fine. Secondly, be gentle – use a cotton swab or a Q-tip to clean, never a rough, scratchy cleaning tool.

2) Soak It

Take the banger for a bath in alcohol and coarse salt. Seal it in a Ziploc bag and let it rest overnight to loosen things up.

3) Rinse

Rinse the quartz banger out well with warm, running water.

4) Scrape with a Dabber

Use a dabber to scoop out any excess residue. It should be soft enough to come out easily.

5) Heat Things Up

Heat the banger to between 600-800F when you’ve scraped out most of the residue. The remainder should turn to ash, which loosens it up.

6) Give it a Wipe

Take an alcohol-soaked Q-tip, and once the quartz banger is cool enough to do this safely, run the Q-tip around the inside of the banger’s bowl to clean. This can be tricky, because knowing the right temperature takes some practice.

7) Finish and Repeat

Take the Q-tip and use the dry side to scoop out anything remaining. If need be, repeat the process until you can’t remove any more residue.

banger on dab rig close upClean As You Go

That’s that for the super-dirty bangers, but it’s really essential to clean your banger after each use if possible. Dabbing at a low temperature of between 400 and 600F will help keep it clean. If you miss a couple of cleans, following steps 5-7 will take care of light soiling, but use-by-use maintenance really does come recommended.

Cleaning your quartz banger soon after a dab and before the quartz cools is essential. When it cools, it permanently discolors your beautiful quartz banger!

As it cools, it’ll reach a point where the puddle is solid enough that it’s not moving around but it’s still liquid enough to remove. This is somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute after the dab – remember to keep the dabs low-temp. The Q-tip dipped in alcohol will clean this away (use it gently). Then you can use the Q-tip’s dry side to remove any excess.Keep your quartz banger in perfect order by cleaning it after every use, and you’ll see and taste the results with every dab. Follow our site for more on best practice for maintaining your beloved equipment.


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