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Best Temperature for Dabbing Cannabis Concentrate

Table of Contents 1.FAQs1.1Cold vs. Hot Dabs1.2Best Dab Temperature1.2.1500-540°F1.2.2545-570°F1.2.3Over 600°F2.Summary  Dabbing requires heating a nail and dabbing the concentrate onto it. When the heat hits the concentrate, it turns the concentrate into smoke. The temperature is key in this process.    Too low of a temperature will cause the concentrate to puddle on the surface. Too […]

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Dabbing on the Haters – Here’s How to Dab Cannabis Concentrate

Do you remember brick weed? Well, cannabis has substantially improved in quality. Growing technology helps breed the strongest cannabis strains, even strains specifically used for medicinal purposes. This technology also created more ways to consume cannabis. One of the most popular and modern ways to consume cannabis is consuming cannabis concentrate, also called dabbing. Cannabis […]

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