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Cannabis TV Shows: The Best Shows About Weed

You like smoking, and you like watching TV. Why not combine these great activities? Read on to learn about the best shows about weed.

Did you know there might be a link between watching your favorite shows and smoking weed? Experts say binging your favorite series triggers the same dopamine levels in the brain as getting high.

Not only that, but weed also seems to make TV time more enjoyable; especially for those with a family. So, why not double up on dopamine by binging shows about weed while you smoke?

TV shows have been a source of classic entertainment for stoners for decades, but many recent tv shows are meant to watch while high.

If you are looking for a good show to enjoy while stoned,. keep reading. We will go over everything from comedy to documentary film, you are guaranteed to find an enjoyable story to watch high.

The Most Popular Shows to Stream Now

Whether you like comedy, documentaries, or reality TV, we have you covered. Here are some top picks for weed-related shows ready to stream now.

Most are familiar with the classic sitcoms and other stoner comedies that follow around the stories of friends who often get high. (Think That 70’s Show) But if you’ve seen all of the seasons, you might be looking for a new story to watch while you’re high.

Look no further, Dabbing Pro picked out some of the best weed themed tv shows. Some of these may be free to watch on basic television but most can be played on platforms like Netflix.

1. Disjointed

Starring Hollywood legend Kathy Bates stars in this show as the owner of a dispensary in California. The show follows Bates and her quirky employees as they try to keep her dream afloat.

If you’re feeling inspired, visit a real-life dispensary. Here, you can find your perfect strain for the next binge session.

2. Bong Appetit

If reality TV is more your thing, this show is for you. The premise of Bong Appetit is a serious ode to the munchies. From a group of filmmakers in Los Angeles.

Follow people all over the world who are taking food and cannabis to the next level. Each episode features cannabis infused dining, food, and other great goodies with a weed theme. You can find this series on the Vice website.

3. High Maintenance

Follow several people in New York whose only connection is their weed dealer. The funny thing is, they never introduce the dealer. Though, through everyone’s lives, he’s still a central figure.

This show, starring Ben Sinclair, makes for perfect binge watching. The adventures of a pot dealer around NYC makes for some awkward encounters to say the least.

4. Weeds

Sometimes, you want a throwback night. Why not revisit one of the first mainstream cannabis TV shows?

If you’re familiar with Weeds, it aired in the early 2000’s. It was about a mother who starts selling marijuana after the death of her husband to support her kids. It ran for seven years and won awards over the course of that time.

5. Evergreen  

Do you like to soak up information while you smoke? Evergreen is the documentary for you. Learn about the marijuana legalization process in Washington with interviews from advocates.

Who doesn’t like to cheer on the states who are legalizing? Whether it’s medical or recreational, following the legal updates for cannabis is always a good use of time. This film is a perfect fit if you want to smoke weed while watching something but need a break from your typical comedy movie.

6. Weediquette

Are you a regular advocate of the benefits of weed? Do you often tell people why marijuana should be legalized? If so, Weediquette is the show for you.

Krishna Andavolu hosts this multi-season HBO series about weed. Follow his exploration of the benefits, legalization, and economic advantages of marijuana. He also talks about the medical patients who benefit from weed.

What’s not to like about this series?

7. Broad City

8. Cooking on High

Interesting and Entertaining Cannabis Topics

The best thing about sitting back and lighting up is getting to binge shows about weed. Marijuana has become a widely acceptable subject, and there are many shows from which to choose. Between documentaries and fictional series’, you’ll never want for cannabis entertainment.

Looking for more weed and entertainment tips? Stay tuned in to Dabbing Pro and follow us on social media!


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