Best Weedtubers on YouTube Right Now

Weed reviewers on YouTube, also known as WeedTubers, have taken the site by storm and skyrocketed themselves to stardom with the rising popularity of the cannabis industry across the internet. We’ve been all over YouTube and found you the absolute best weed youtubers.

These specific YouTubers that smoke weed stand out as some of the best on the website. While breaking out their torches and lighters, they provide anything from strain reviews, general education videos, and of course some good old fashioned smoke sessions. These guys smoke, dab, vape and provide you an inside view on everything weed related.

What better way to keep yourself educated and stay involved in a thriving online community about something we all know and love?

1. StrainCentral (Josh)

StrainCentral, aka Josh, knows what he is doing for the cannabis community. He’s all about education, breaking the stoner stereotype and spreading good vibes. Josh is at over 400,000 subscribers, which is pretty impressive. His helpful product reviews and chill smoke sessions entertain thousands of weed lovers from all over.

Check out StrainCentral!

2. Crutch 420

Joe Kid over at Crutch 420 is the man. This guy dabs and takes bong rips while showing the hottest new products and strain reviews. His channel has definitely grown a bit recently and they are nearing a quarter of a million subscribers!

Click here to browse Crutch’s videos.

3.  SilencedHippie

Sasha is a down-to-earth stoner who documents and vlogs her adventures in all things weed related! She is a weedtuber who genuinely enjoys sharing her experiences and passing along fun content to like-minded people. There are so many creators on YouTube, and it’s great to find a vlogger who smokes weed and is community-driven.

Check out Sasha’s channel!

4. CustomGrow420

SLAB DAB!!!!!!!!!!

21+older. Team Green Collar!! We have a couple fire slabs of raspberry kush and we are gonna go in!! First we take a look at some oil, flowers, and then the slabs! We heat up the dabtime bubbler red hot and go in on the slabby slab!

You know him by now, he’s the master of WeedTube. One of the OG weed YouTubers, Jolie has been in the game since the beginning. He’s known for his outgoing personality and taking huge ass dabs and bong rips back to back. If you’ve never witnessed the lungs on this dude, you’re missing out. You can watch one of his craziest dab videos to date above.

Oh, and his channel just hit 1.4 million subscribers, which is insane.

5.  Haley420

Another original weed tuber, Haley420 (Or HaleyIsSoarx) just hit 750,000 subscribers. She definitely deserves it! The channel provides all kinds of crazy weed challenges and nice chill sessions to smoke along with.

Visit Haley’s channel!

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