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Best Q Tips for Dabbing – Cotton Swabs for cleaning rigs

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Glob Mops XL Cotton Swabs 2.0 – Extra Absorbent Bamboo Cotton Swabs

Glob Mops are hot on the market lately because they are for dabbers who need to clean dab rigs! They are absorbent bamboo swabs for cleaning up oil! 

Bamboo Cotton Swabs 1000 Count |

These quality bamboo cotton swabs are double sided and perfect for cleaning your dab nail!

Two Tips I Bamboo Cotton Swabs I 300ct Biodegradable

These bamboo cotton swabs are completely biodegradable and perfect for cleaning up your dab rigs

You need to maintain your dab nails and quartz bangers by cleaning them regularly after each use. Cotton swabs or "q tips" are the preferred way to clean a quartz banger by most dabbers. Most people might use q-tips in their ears but they are actually best used to clean off a different kind of wax! Dabs!

A few brands stick out better than your traditional drug store cotton swabs. Glob Mops are specifically designed for dabbers and offer a more sturdy option when it comes to mopping up dried dab puddles.


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