Total Guide to the Best E-Nails – Desktop Electronic Nails for Dabbing

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E-nails, or more specifically, desktop electronic nails for dabbing are becoming more and more popular as more cannabis consumers look for easier and more practical ways to dab.  So, if you’re interested in this recent craze in the cannabis concentrate scene, keep reading. This guide is deigned to help you find the absolute best enail available!

Dabbers everywhere are realizing how convenient  these devices make it to just set the temperature and not having to worry about manually heating up your nail.

First, you may ask…

What are E Nails?

Essentially, an enail, also known as an electronic nail, consists of a box component that acts as a controller for the temperature. Your banger or nail is attached to to a coil heating component that connects to the box controller.

 The Best E-nail Guide

HYER Big E-Rig E-nailerig device

This unit is EXTREMELY easy to use. Therefore, everything you need to get started is included. After connecting the coil and turning on the unit, you’re ready to start heating up. The sleek design of the heating element is all-ceramic and includes the power cord as well. The easy to read display on the box makes it ridiculously simple to set the temperature. Also, one cool feature of this product is that you can choose between Celsius of Fahrenheit when setting your temp. 

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Best Features:

  • Quartz male or female bangers included!
  • Docking station, adjustable temperature control for SMOOTH dabbing
  • Ceramic heating element provides unique clean hits
  • Comes with the heating element, docking station, power cord and 18mm Adapter

Pulsar Elite Series Mini E-Nail

This elite box kit is a great enail option for anyone looking to easily get dabbing. It includes a 10/14/19mm Ti Nail. Beginners will find the Pulsar Elite very user-friendly. Additionally, the accuracy and speed of the temperature controller is very impressive for thelite naile price of the kit. Therefore, for any level of dabber, beginner or expert, this kit is a solid choice. Especially for those looking for a nice travel or mini nail for dabbing. This product even includes a titanium nail, which is great for health purposes! You can be sure that the parts for this Enail are reliable and durable.

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Best Features:

  • Extremely high quality mini nail
  • Comes with box, nail, power cord AND CARB CAP
  • 10/14/19mm Ti Nail
  • 20mm Heating Coil

Atmos Q3 E-nail Vaporizer Kit

If you’re looking for a portable selection, this is for you. This e-nail is one of the best alternative choices available online right now when it comes to finding other desktop devices. The design is extremely durable and this is a FULL KIT, you don’t even need to portable enail kitget a piece. The well-built base will ensure he whole unit will be protected. This complete kit has everything you need to get started and some accessories and is perfect for on the go dabbing!

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Best Features:

  • Full KIT READY to start dabbing
  • Rubber grip and sturdy base stand that’s RELIABLE AND DURABLE
  • Atomizer is Triple Quartz/Titanium
  • USB charger and large battery life 
  • Glass mouthpiece

What to Look for When Buying

  1. Size– You’re going to want a good sized enail that’s big enough to plug in and put on a desk to be stable. Furthermore, it should also be portable and easy to take on the go if needed. Therefore, most are about two or three inches tall and six inches long, but it varies.
  2. Durability- You don’t want the unit to be cheap and flimsy or else it may not last you very long. It’s important to keep in mind that you are going to want to use it over and over for dabbing, so you want it to stay in nice shape. The quality of material used to make the box and cord are extremely important for a nice reliable e nail.
  3. Heating time- Who wants to wait? Certainly, it’s obviously important for the machine to heat your nail quickly. No one wants to keep doing the “hand-hover” to check if it’s hot enough yet. A good enail will begin to heat fast and reach the set temperature in usually under a minute.

How do E-Nails Work?

First of all, once the unit is set up, the user literally just sets the temperature and waits for the nail to heat up. The electronic unit can keep it heated for hours to allow for consistent dabbing non-stop. The best enail choices offer a solid solution for anyone who is serious about concentrates.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait in between dabs to heat up the nail with a traditional butane torch. No more running out of butane or having to refill your torch time and time again. is a participant in the affiliate program linking to the products in this post, where the site can earn an advertising fee from generated sales. However, our reviews of these products are genuine and in-depth!

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