Best E-nail for 2018 – Desktop Electronic Nails for Dabbing Reviewed

E-nails, or more specifically, desktop electronic nails for dabbing are becoming more and more popular as more cannabis consumers look for easier and more practical ways to dab.  If you’re interested in this recent craze in the cannabis concentrate scene, keep reading. This guide is deigned to help you find the absolute best enail available!

Dabbers everywhere are realizing how convenient  these devices make it to just set the temperature and not having to worry about manually heating up your nail.

First, you may ask…

What are E Nails?

Essentially, an enail, also known as an electronic nail, consists of a box component that acts as a controller for the temperature. That box connects to a coil heating component that is attached to your banger or nail.

How do E-Nails Work?

Once the unit is set up, the user literally just sets the temperature and waits for the nail to heat up. The electronic unit can keep it heated for hours to allow for consistent dabbing non-stop.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait in between dabs to heat up the nail with a traditional butane torch. No more running out of butane or having to refill your torch time and time again.

What to Look for When Buying

  1. Size– You’re going to want a good sized enail that’s big enough to plug in and put on a desk to be stable. At the same time, it should also be portable and easy to take on the go if needed. Generally, most are about two or three inches  tall and six inches long, but it varies.
  2. Durability- You don’t want the unit to be cheap and flimsy or else it may not last you very long. It’s important to keep in mind that you are going to want to use it over and over for dabbing, so you want it to stay in nice shape. The quality of material used to make the box and cord are extremely important for a nice reliable e nail.
  3. Heating time- Who wants to wait? It’s obviously extremely important for the machine to heat your nail quickly. No one wants to keep doing the “hand-hover” to check if it’s hot enough yet. A good enail will begin to heat fast and reach the set temperature in usually under a minute.

 The TOP 5 Best Enail Guide

ABLAZE Intelligent Temperature PID Controller Full Kit

This enail literally says it all on the box: “For all your concentrate needs” . Manufactured by AblazeCustom, this unit is EXTREMELY easy to use. It comes with everything you need to get started. After connecting the coil and turning on the unit, you’re ready to start heating up. The sleek design of the unit is all black along with the power cord as well. The easy to read display on the box makes it ridiculously simple to set the temperature. One cool feature of this product is that you can choose between Celsius of Fahrenheit when setting your temp. 

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Best Features:

  •  10/14/18mm male or female connections. Both universal AND reversible connection! 
  • PID controlled output, time proportional for FASTER dabbing
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees for temperature settings
  • Comes with the box unit, power cord and the K type 20mm coil 
  • Also usable with these types: Coils: T, R, J, B, S, K, E, and Wre3-Wre25.


710 Life PRO Aromatherapy Diffuser – Award Winner

This award winning e-nail is one of the best choices available online right now when it comes to desktop devices. The small design fits in your hand which makes it perfect for travel. Additionally, the industrial metal enclosure is durable and will ensure that the unit will be protected. 710 Life is all about long term care and their products LAST. Additionally, they also sell replacement coils for their products, which is vital when it comes to making your enail last.

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Best Features:

  • Small and compact design
  • Industrial grade metal enclosure that’s RELIABLE AND DURABLE
  • FREE NAIL fits 10mm/14mm/ and 19mm
  • Fuse for long term use and SAFETY
  • AC powered Pro Aromatherapy Kit


Colori Honeycomb PRO Aromatherapy Diffuser with Original Digital Pid Temperature Controller

This hexagonal unit is sleek, sexy and gets the job done when you want to take dabs for days. The industrial strength metal enclosure makes this e-nail sturdy and long-lasting. The Colori Honeycomb is very well known and acclaimed for it’s ease of use and quick set up. For any level of dabber, beginner or expert, this kit is a solid choice.

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Best Features:

  • Aluminum pelican cased (High Quality)
  • Industrial metal grade enclosed
  • Color changing titanium turns bronze when subject under ideal high temperatures.
  • Display temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Everything pictured is included in this full kit


Electric Temperature PID Controller, Professional Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit for 20mm

This product is a great cheap priced enail that still offers a powerful heating component which is extremely fast and reliable for multiple dabs on end. The nail is an authentic Grade 2 Titanium which is great for health purposes! The manufacturer also offers a warranty whenever you go to check out on Amazon. The device fits 20mm male or female connections.

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Best Features:

  • Includes: E-nail box with Original Digital Pid Temp. controler,  coil heater, and power cable
  • Comes with 2 Silicone jars and a carrying box
  • 20mm male or female connection
  • Small, compact sized box
  • Quality assurance WARRANTY AVAILABLE


Vapecode Pro Automatic Calibration PID Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit (DB01XLR)

The Vapecode diffuser is a great enail kit for anyone looking to easily get started. It includes a 20mm barrel coil and replacements parts are available as well. Beginners will find the device very user-friendly. Additionally, many reviews agree that the accuracy and speed of the temperature controller is very impressive for the price of the kit.

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Best Features:

  • Extremely high quality FULL starter kit
  • Heats up to 1400 degrees 
  • Comes with box, coil, power cord AND ACCESSORIES
  • Includes 6-in-1 titanium nail
  • Manufacturer carries replacement parts, perfect for LONG TERM is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“DabbingPro” (, or,,, or


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