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5 of The Best Hemp Oil Uses to Improve Your Daily Life

Did you know that you can use hemp oil in your hair?

This is just one of the many surprising uses for this natural health and body supplement. It’s actually been around for centuries, but you may be surprised at what hemp oil can be used for. 

Dermatologists recommend it for its moisturizing properties among other things. It’s helped millions with managing some illnesses and may even help cure others. If you suffer from chronic pain, hemp oil could also be the answer to your prayers.

Curious about what it can do for you? There are so many hemp oil uses, you are bound to find one that is right for you!

Unexpected, fascinating, and shocking; here are five of the best hemp oil uses.

1. For Better Skin and Hair

Hemp is packed full of essential fatty acids, among other nutrients. The plant extract has a high Omega 3 and Omega 6 content.

These fatty acids are a building block of skin and hair. This makes it great for treating acne.

In addition to fatty acids, the best hemp oil is also rich in ceramides. This type of fat supports cell membranes. It actually helps stop moisture from leaving the cells.

You can either apply hemp oil directly to hair or take it orally. Either way, it means a healthy and shiny head of hair and moisturized skin.

2. To Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural reaction by the body. It’s what helps wounds heal. However, too much inflammation can lead to excruciating pain and other negative side effects.

Hemp oil helps reduce inflammation as well as boost your immune system. This is due to the fatty acids it contains. CBD hemp oil manages the symptoms of inflammation and gives relief to people suffering from it.

Inflammation is a huge problem for a lot of people and is responsible for causing a number of health problems. It’s also a cause of pain in various parts of the body and can cause heart issues. If you have a chronic inflammatory condition, you should look into what hemp oil can do for you.

If you work out regularly, you may be surprised to find out that hemp oil can help. It may reduce the buildup of lactic acid both before and after your workout. Faster recovery means that you can get back in the gym quicker and feel better.

You can ingest the oil by vaporizing, smoking, or even using edibles. Vaping has been shown as one of the quickest ways to get the effects of the oil.

Another intense effect can be had by dabbing. Dabbing is a cool method of ingesting that involves a pure concentrated form of oil. It’s heated with a dab torch on a surface so that the oil can burn and be consumed.

3. Stopping Joint and Muscle Pain

A 2016 study showed that arthritis pain (and inflammation as well) was reduced when hemp oil was applied topically. Balms and creams containing hemp can provide targeted pain relief for people with joint and muscle pain.

For migraines and tension headaches you can also apply the topical directly to the scalp. Even if you don’t have a chronic condition like arthritis or migraines, you can still use the oil. Regular muscle soreness or tennis elbow can benefit from the best hemp oil.

If you don’t use a balm you can also apply the oil directly to the skin where you have pain.

In order to get the best quality, always buy your CBD hemp oil from a trusted retailer. It’s best to read up on the right cannabis strain for your needs as well.

4. To Replace Other Oils

Want an alternative to using regular oils around your home and garden? The best hemp oil is a great substitute.

The major advantage is that this type of oil is environmentally friendly. Hemp is all natural and plant-based, so you don’t have to worry about the potential harm from petroleum-based oils.

These common oils have been proven to have negative health effects.

Hemp oil has a long history of being used as a wood varnish. Put it together with some lemon oil and keep a bottle in the house. You can apply it to your woodwork, then buff to a shiny finish.

If you’ve got a bicycle chain that won’t stop squeaking or a rusty hinge on a door, hemp oil can also help. Just remember to use a carrier oil to dilute its strength.

5. For Treating Cancer

For cancer patients, the best hemp oil represents a double whammy. It not only helps manage the disease’s side effects but may actually reverse or cure cancer cell growth.

Hemp has been shown to stimulate the CB2 receptors in our bodies. There a huge amount of these receptors in the spleen. From there, cancer cells are targeted by immune cells for destruction.

These receptors are also in white blood cells in all of our internal organs. Hemp’s effect on these receptors is what provides therapeutic benefits. The oil has been used in cancers as diverse as ovarian, breast, and skin cancer.

For cancer sufferers who have regular chemotherapy treatment, they may want a natural alternative to combat its effects. Hemp can act as an anti-nausea medicine as well as free cancer patients from pharmaceutical pain relievers. Unlike hemp, some of these opiates and drugs are addictive and have negative side effects.

Using Hemp Oil in Your Daily Routine

Hemp oil is one of nature’s powerhouses.

As more and more people start using it, there may be even more benefits to discover. If you haven’t started yet, it could be a great addition to your health routine, or just to make you look younger! It’s a great all-natural alternative to many of the chemical-filled products we use every day.

Want to find out more about hemp oil and its uses? Read more cool stuff on our blog like what dabbing is and how to do it.


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