The Top 5 Best Smoking Accessories in 2020

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KINGTOP Herb Spice Grinder RAW Rolling Tray Combo Pack The TUS Premium Smell Proof Bag RAW Cones Classic​​​​​Forty-five sharp shaped teethTwo packs of 1 1/4 rolling papersVelcro enclosed 11″x6″ sized bagFifty cones and packing sticks2-year warranty100 filter tipsHighly discreteNatural and unrefined paper3.0-inch grinder79mm rollerDual mesh pocketsFaster and easier to use  Any smoker seeking the ideal experience […]

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Best Temperature for Dabbing Cannabis Concentrate

Concentrates have shaken up the world of cannabis. They are sought-after because of their potency, cost-effectiveness, and terpene content. To partake in concentrates, one of the most popular methods is dabbing. Dabbing is an art form. It requires some degree of knowledge about the best temperatures to bring out the desired effects. Ready to become […]

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Dabbing on the Haters – Here’s How to Dab Cannabis Concentrate

Do you remember brick weed? Well, cannabis has substantially improved in quality. Growing technology helps breed the strongest cannabis strains, even strains specifically used for medicinal purposes. This technology also created more ways to consume cannabis. One of the most popular and modern ways to consume cannabis is consuming cannabis concentrate, also called dabbing. Cannabis […]

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